The Top 100 American College & University Sports Club Websites

The Top 100 College & University Club Sports Websites

We realize that we may have left out some other good sites and that any list is going to be subjective. But we believe our list stands for itself. If your school's club made this list, you ought to be very proud. We have spent much time and effort researching sites across the Internet and believe this list is comprehensive. Take your time to go through each of these, it'll be worth your time.

We congratulate the students who designed and maintain each of these sites.
  1. - University of Portland Crew - A superb website with great picture and information.  Not one pixel is wasted.  
  2. - University of Michigan Synchronized Skating Club - A well designed site rich with information, easy to look at, and very professional.  
  3. - University of Tennessee at Knoxville Ice Hockey Club - Packed with information, this website has a link to everything related to the UT Hockey club.  
  4. - UCLA Bruin Dragon Boat Club - A very cool looking website.  Great access to info and very inviting. 
  5. - USC Men's Soccer Club - Hip and slick looking website, has an edge and yet is very accessible.  
  6. - UCF Butokukan Club - Very well thought out, clean and serene website.   
  7. - DePauw Women's Rugby Club - Cute and unique, plus the textures are nice. 
  8. - UO Men's Club Soccer  - A very nice, simple and well designed website.  Both easy to navigate and inviting and has some great photos.
  9. - Boston University Cheerleading - Bright, inviting and well design, this site is perfect to represent cheerleaders.  
  10. - Smith Rugby - Simple, yet still has lots of info and links.  Page has sense of humor and energy.  
  11. - Xavier University Football Club - A professional looking website.  Nicely designed and very user-friendly.  
  12. - Hofstra Roller Hockey Club - This website is a little busy but has the feel of professional site.  
  13. - Houghton College Cheerleaders - Toss N Tumble - Very basic, but it's inviting and  has some good video and photos.
  14. - SMC Cycling - Bright and cheery has plenty links.
  15. - Lycoming Warriors Roller Hockey - Very slick, like a website for professional sports team. 
  16. - University of Kentucky Budo Karate Club - Video and images highlight this blog-like site.
  17. - Texas Tech Men's Rugby Club - A well constructed and elaborate website.  Lots of images and info.  
  18. - Villanova Men's Club Soccer - A slick and exciting site that has well placed links and a  nice design.  
  19. - Indiana University Gymnastics Club - A crisp, extremely easy to read website. 
  20. - Yale Men's Club Soccer - A very basic but very well constructed website.
  21. - Western Kentucky University Women's Lacrosse - Website has nice colors, layout and fonts.  
  22. - St. John Fisher Cross Country Team - Has some nice pictures of club and very well laid out.  
  23. - Hamilton College Women's Rugby Football Club Home - Nice page that's inviting and easy to read.  
  24. - Augustana Crew - Slick, lots of useful information, site looks goes well with crew. 
  25. - Women's Rugby - Washington College - A lot of information on homepage, but still readable.  
  26. - Bates College Women's Ice Hickey - Site's formatted like a blog, bright with lots of links to useful info.  
  27. - Ohio University Cycling Team - A precise  website with smart colors and a heady design. 
  28. - Colorado University at Boulder Kayak Club - Site uses pleasing color and its very compact.  
  29. - UMaine Black Bears Football Club - Compact but plenty of info, images and stats.  A very nice website.  
  30. - Aikido Club at NC State - Simple but effective design.  Website fits subject very well.  
  31. - NC State University Bass Fishing Club - Logos and great pictures brighten up this great website.
  32. - Bates College Sailing Team - Very nautical website.  Lost of information and very informal.  
  33. - Ohio Northern University Black Rose Rugby Club   - A great logo and color scheme highlight this well built website.
  34. - George Mason University Club Football - Straight forward website.  Despite being green and yellow, it's effective and user friendly. 
  35. - University of Pennsylvania Men's Hockey - A very nice website, professional, inviting and easy to navigate. 
  36. - Ole Miss Fencing - Nice site with solid design and lots of information.
  37. - Utah State Women's Rugby Club - Clean, concise and inviting, this website is user friendly and fun.
  38. - Stanford Archery - A bright and colorful website that's as informational as it is attractive.  
  39. r- Boston College Women's Club Soccer - Simple design with easy to use navigation, good info on home page and nice images that create an inviting site. 
  40. - Davidson Men's Ultimate - Simple site with lots of information and good pics of players.
  41. - Connecticut College Equestrian Team - Basic, but has lots to offer and gets the job done. 
  42. - Georgetown University Cycling Team - Hip website that shares sensibility with average cyclist.  
  43. - University Cincinnati Rugby Football Club  - The images bring this homepage to life.  The mascot is fun too.  
  44. - UNH Men's Rugby - Simple but effective website.  
  45. - Kansas State Women's Rugby Club - A bright site that is full of charm and is very user friendly.  
  46. - University of North Carolina Cycling Club - Home page has lots of information and interesting images.  
  47. - University of Delaware - Men's Crew - Very professional looking website.  Using a blog format, lots of links and info.  
  48. - University of Florida Men's Soccer Club - Uses frames to create an effective website.  Lots of links leading to info.
  49. - Georgia Tech Ultimate Frisbee Club - Fun and hip, well designed and includes video right on home page.  
  50. - Clemson University Paintball - A nice website, in a blog form, but plenty of links and user friendly.  
  51. - Running Club @ UW-Madison - An extremely well designed site, with information readily available.  Not a bit of space wasted. 
  52. - Rice Cricket Club - Uses a unique header, a few colors, links are clearly highlighted and images are nice.  
  53. - Baylor University Crew Club - A compact but inviting website.  Navigation is front and center and color scheme is soothing.  
  54. - LSU Powerlifting  - Despite the use of yellow, this website is user friendly and welcoming.  Picture of ring is added bonus.  
  55. - Michigan State University Kendo Club - A sublime website that simple and informative. 
  56. - College of Wooster Equestrian - Nice photos, links are easy to fine, layout makes use of entire screen.
  57. - California Archery - Lots of information on a very lively and cheerful homepage.  
  58. - Tulane Karate Club - This website has a lot of links and a lot of well placed information.
  59. - The Equestrian Team of Florida State University - While site is heavy with text, it's still clean and well designed. 
  60. - Iowa Hawkeye Ultimate Club - A bright and well designed website, with big buttons that mimic Frisbees.  
  61. - Northeastern University Men's and Women's Squash - Uses school's color very well, nicely laid out and very informative.
  62. - Indiana University Ballroom Dance Club - A snazzy and bright website that's crisp and clean.  
  63. - Oregon State Women's Lacrosse - A simple site that uses schools colors.  Links are big and easy to find.  
  64. - Calvin College Hockey Club - A friendly and inviting website.  
  65. - Virginia Tech Women's Club Soccer - Using the school's color, this website is sharp and every accessible. 
  66. - SMU Women’s Lacrosse Club - A simple but effective website, that welcomes visitors with a picture of the team.  
  67. - Vanderbilt Men's Club Soccer - A sturdy and robust site that's visually pleasing and easy to use. 
  68. - Yale University Tae Kwon Do Club - Site is packed with info and has the feel of a movie website.  
  69. - University of Minnesota's Women's Club Hockey Team - No thrills, but very effective.  Picture of team invites users to stay and click on links.  
  70. - Auburn Water Polo Club - With a wonderful logo, this site is easy to read and has plenty of user friendly links.  
  71. - Ball State University Water Ski Club - This bright website has handy links and plenty of info on its homepage/blog.
  72. - SUNY - ESF Woodsmen Team - Very nice logo, lots of information and unusual fonts.
  73. - UW La Crosse Triathlon Club  - Big and bold, this website has plenty of info and links to keep users coming back.
  74. - Middlebury College Cricket Club - Website almost as confusing as Cricket.  Still, very cool logo.
  75. - Colorado State University Alpine Ski Team - A colorful homepage with great navigation, pictures and information.  
  76. - John Hopkins University Capoeira - Good use of frames and easy to navigate.  
  77. - Fresno State Cycling Club - A simple website with useful links and clear text. 
  78. - Holy Cross College Equestrian - Nice design with plenty of links and photos.  
  79. - The University of Montana Women's Ice Hockey  - A concise but effective website.  Soothing colors but ample links.  
  80. - The Steel Lions fencing club of the College of New Jersey - Great pictures and logo.  Colors are atrocious and layout is awful.  
  81. - Dartmouth Outing Club - Lots of text and information, but good design keeps it from being busy.  
  82. - Cal Poly Badminton - This site has a good layout and it's inviting and warm.  
  83. - Eastern Michigan Gymnastics Club - Take a tumble to this website with a great header and a compact layout.
  84. - OU Badminton Club - A subdued but informative website.  
  85. - University of Georgia Toli Club - Simple layout but it's works because of the subject matter, toli is a traditional Native American stickball game
  86. - Ohio State University's Benchball Club - Simply designed but complete with great navigation and information.  
  87. - University of Northern Colorado Fencing - A down to Earth site with all the information you need.  
  88. - Southeast Missouri State University Ultimate Frisbee Club - A fairly straight forward website, that's clean, easy to read and easy to use.
  89. - West Virginia Snowboarding - You have to like a site with a unicorn.  Simple, smart and designed with a minimalist aesthetic. 
  90. - Rider University Equestrian Team - A lovely and simple site that lends it self well to promoting the equestrian club.
  91. - Western Washington University Judo Club - Simple but effective, with lots of text and user friendly links.  
  92. - Castleton State College Rock Climbing Club - Unique use of color and style.
  93. - Appalachian State University Alpine Ski Team - Great images highlight this simple and easy to use website.  
  94. - University of Virginia Belly Dance Club - A simple but well constructed site. 
  95. - Wellesley Ultimate Frisbee - Serious looking page, with a few cheery images.  Sparse but lots of links. 
  96. - Notre Dame Bowling Club  - A familiar, causal and easy going site.  It doesn't take itself to seriously, just like bowlers.
  97. - Alabama Ultimate - A relaxed, laid back site that has the information you need. 
  98. - Martial Arts Club of Middle Tennessee State University  - It may be a little dark, but it has lots of links to lots of information.
  99. - Radford University Men's Soccer Club - Site is a little sparse, but it's design is simple and user friendly.  Maybe not the most up to date site.  
  100. - Whitman College Fencing - Simple page with interesting textured background.  
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