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From your favorite NFL team to your favorite golf tournament, Clickitticket has the sports tickets you're looking for. Whether it's the hard-to-get ticket for the championship game or cheap sports tickets for the big match, the only Web site you need to bookmark is When we say sports tickets, we mean all sports tickets and that includes professional wrestling tickets, horse racing tickets, Monster Jam tickets, and MMA tickets. If the event keeps score and declares a winner then we can get you in to see it. No matter the competition, we'll make sure you're right in the middle of the action.

MLB Tickets

During the seventh inning stretch the crowd always sings "take me out to the ballgame." Well, you can't go out to the ballgame unless you have baseball tickets. No matter who you root for, Clickitticket can put your in the stands or in the bleachers at your favorite baseball team's ballpark. From New York Yankees tickets to Los Angeles Dodgers tickets to Boston Red Sox tickets to Chicago Cubs tickets, we always have the best seats to all the pennant races. Clickitticket is also the site to visit if you want to be in the stands for the "Midsummer Classic." In other words, come here for MLB All-Star Game tickets. When the "boys of summer" compete for Mr. October honors, we'll set you up with ALCS tickets and NLCS tickets. After those series conclude, it's on to the Fall Classic and World Series tickets. Play ball!

NFL Tickets

You'll definitely need plenty of NFL tickets and NFL playoff tickets if you want to follow your favorite football team throughout the year. It doesn't matter if you're a fan of the Dallas CowboysNew England PatriotsGreen Bay Packers, or Pittsburgh Steelers, Clickitticket will get you into end zone or near the 50-yard line—where ever it is you like to sit to watch the big game. Hopefully this is your team's year and you'll need AFC Championship tickets or NFC Championship tickets. Do we dare mention Super Bowl tickets? We don't want to jinx your favorite team. Maybe you don't follow a particular team but instead follow players. If so, make sure you lock up some Pro Bowl tickets to see how your favorite NFL players do against the league's top talent. Apply the body paint, grab your foam finger, and find the nearest tailgate party. With Clickitticket on your team you'll always be ready for some football!

College Football Tickets

The marching bands. The team mascots. The student body sections. The triple option. College football is more than a sport. It's a way of life. To fully enjoy the season, use Clickitticket to procure your college football tickets. We have all the big-time matchups including BCS Championship Game tickets and bowl game tickets including the Rose Bowl, Sugar Bowl, and Fiesta Bowl. Are you a fan of the SEC or the Big Ten? Maybe you like the PAC-10 or the ACC? Perhaps you're a Notre Dame fan? Regardless of your affiliation, Clickitticket is your pigskin destination for the entire college football season.

NBA Tickets

Basketball players are some of the greatest athletes in the world and they routinely perform incredible feats on the court. While we've seen huge dunks and buzzer-beaters on television, those feats are much more impressive in person. That's why you need to get your NBA tickets from Clickitticket before you miss another alley-oop or behind-the-back 360° jam. If you've already been to a NBA game then it's time to attend the NBA All-Star Game which is arguably the most exciting all-star game in all of professional sports. From the Celtics to the Heat to the RaptorsLakers or Knicks, find any NBA tickets here. If your team puts it all together this year you'll need NBA playoff tickets and possibly even NBA Finals tickets. Fortunately for you, Clickitticket has them both. If your favorite basketball team can't buy a bucket and are headed for the NBA lottery, cheer yourself up with some Harlem Globetrotters tickets. The Globetrotters are not only the game's greatest ambassadors but their hoop hijinks will keep you in stitches.

College Basketball Tickets

Don't just fill out a bracket. Go see the madness in person. Whether it's the opening round or the Sweet Sixteen, Clickitticket has all your March Madness tickets, your NCAA Tournament tickets, and your Final Four tickets. Before the tournament even starts, there are the conference tournaments and as you might imagine, we have your back. From Big East tournament tickets to SEC tournament tickets, Clickitticket will have you sitting so close to the action during Championship Week that you're likely to get yell at by Coach K or John Calipari. We're also your connection for regular season college basketball tickets including all the preseason tourneys. So get your college basketball tickets right now and then get ready to see all the diaper dandies, baby!

NHL Tickets

Hockey is the hottest game on ice and the best way to experience the action is to be in the arena. Seeing a hockey game in person is the only way you can feel the chill of the ice and hear the whirl of the skate blades. So when you need NHL tickets, stay out of the crease and skate on over to Clickitticket. We have tickets for every team in the NHL including Redwings tickets, Blackhawks tickets, and Rangers tickets. We also have NHL All-Star Game tickets. The NHL has two yearly events that every hardcore hockey fan should try to attend. On New Year's Day there's the Winter Classic and then there's the Heritage Classic, an outdoor hockey game featuring Canadian clubs. As the season winds down you'll need NHL playoff tickets and Stanley Cup tickets. Remember what they say, the Stanley Cup is the hardest trophy to win in professional sports.

Other Sports Tickets

Sports are huge in the United States, but American's enjoy more than just the big four (football, baseball, basketball and hockey). Every year millions flock to race tracks all over the country to watch NASCAR and their top drivers vie for the checker flag. You can be one of those fans if you use Clickitticket. You better hurry though because NASCAR tickets go fast.

Major League Soccer grows in popularity ever year. To see what all the excitement is about you'll need MLS tickets. If you don't have a favorite club Clickitticket recommends catching a game involving the  L.A. Galaxy.

If you enjoy individual sports Clickitticket has the best tennis tickets and golf tickets around. For tennis fans, that includes the U.S. Open, French Open, and Wimbledon. For golf fans, The Masters tickets allow you to walk Augusta National, one of the greatest golf courses on the planet. Clickitticket also has U.S. Open tickets, British Open tickets, and PGA Championship tickets.

One's real and one's fake but they are both terrific live events. Clickitticket has an ample supply of UFC tickets and WWE tickets and that includes Wrestlemania tickets. You don't want to miss any of the action in the octagon or in the squared-circle. Speaking of sports where the object is to beat up your opponent, Boxing is still very popular. Regardless if you're a fan of heavyweights or lightweights, our boxing tickets will knock you out.

They may not immediately come to mind when you think of sports, but they're still great live events and fun for the whole family.


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