With the music industry dramatically different than it was even a few years ago, new online music-related businesses have opportunity to become huge successes, like the company Spotify for example. Which up-and-coming online music startups can investors consider investing in this year? What ones do you need to know about? This infographic from http:www.clickitticket.com looks at Spotify, Weezevent, Sonic Angel, Menyou and Ondango.


The Many Ways to Enjoy Live Entertainment Today

When it comes time to have fun by going out and experiencing a live event, the choices are seemingly endless, regardless of where you are. For the theater lover, touring Broadway productions are performing in playhouses across North America all the time. Sports fans also have a wide range of live events from which to choose, like NFL and MLB games. College and professional teams are constantly playing games, and individual competitions are scheduled in many places too (UFC and WWE fights for example).

At any given time, there are hundreds of national concert tours going on, many of them being for big-name artists and bands. Here are just a few of the top tours that are either ongoing or about to begin.

It really is a good time to be a fan of live sports, theater or music. Go ahead and take the time to plan a night out and catch a play, show or game, and have some fun.



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