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2013 Music Blog Guide

David Bowie. The Thin White Duke seems to be the artist poised to make a big comeback in 2013. Music blogs Thorny Bleeder, Your Music Radar, and Make it in Music all believe a “Ziggy Stardust” revival is on its way in 2013.

Not all of the Web’s top blogs agree. Metal Injection thinks it will be Killswitch Engage. Slipped Disc is looking forward to a resurgent in orchestral music. And Alfitude insists “unisex bands” will make a triumphant return. Of course, those three music blogs don’t exactly cater to Bowie and his type of music. Metal Injection is all about heavy metal music, Slipped Disc concerns itself with the world of classical music, and Alfitude’s focus is new music from Scandinavia.

Wire to the Ear is picking The Horrorist to riposte in 2013. Then again, that blog belongs to Oliver Chesler who is also known as “The Horrorist.” Interestingly enough, while Chesler thinks he’ll be making a big comeback in 2013 he’s actually looking forward to new work from Daniel B. Prothése (former member of Front 242).

Taylor Johnson’s Music for Ants believes 2013 will be the year hip hop crews like Wu-Tang will undergo a renaissance. Meanwhile, Pop Dose looks to Rancid to make the big re-entry into the music scene.

The most unusual selection for resuscitation is from the blog SF Critic. Their choice is MGMT. The band is releasing their third album in seven years in 2013. Do they even qualify for “comeback” status?

So that’s a quick rundown of what the major music blogs are looking forward to hearing in 2013, but what were fans into in 2012?

Hype Machine is a music blog aggregator that receives more than half a million unique visitors a month. According to them, the most blogged about artist in 2012 was Grimes. She was aided by the fact that her album, Visions, dropped in January. So was second place finisher Lana Del Ray. Rounding out the top five are Hot Chip, Passion Pit, and Purity Ring.

Grimes’ first place finish might seem odd in a music world dominated by Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, John Mayer, David Gilmour and Justin Timberlake, but indie blogs have increased in popularity over the years. In 2009, metal blogs dominated the internet with indie blogs finishing a distance second. That trend has now flip-flopped.

One of the leading indie music blogs is Nutriot. They picked Dabrye for comeback artist of the year and touted Nosaj Thing for major success. The blog is also looking forward to the new album from Mount Kimbie.

By the way, the country that searches for indie blogs the most is Australia. Americans lead the world in searching for rap, jazz, and electronic music blogs. Mexico is the top searching country when it comes to blogs about heavy metal.

These blogs not only help fans find great music. They also help musicians. Ian Clifford of Make It In Music advises all artists to have their own Web site, be on three to five social platforms, and to put everything they record on YouTube.


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