The Hottest Pop Stars with the Hottest Wives & Husbands

Tim & Faith

John & Chrissy

Alicia & Swizz

Carrie & Mike

Pink & Carey

Nicole & Keith

Ciara & Russell

Adam & Behati

Jessica & Justin

Jay-Z & Beyonce


We all grew up with posters of pop stars on our walls, and dreamt of what it would be like to be with them, possibly even married to them.

What is it like to be hot and to be married to a hot pop star?  We have no idea.  In fact, few people know what’s that like.

But ever wonder what Pink’s hubby looks like? Or how about Carrie Underwood’s or Alicia Keys’ husband? Ever see a picture of John Legend’s wife or a pic of Adam Levine’s beautiful wife? Then read on…

Interestingly, all ten spouses we’ve listed here are famous.  Three are in the music business, three are professional athletes, two are models, and two are actresses.  Although we didn’t list where each couple said their “I dos”, a large number did so in Europe.

To be included on this list you must be a pop star, you must be hot, and you must be married to a hottie.  No divorced or about-to-be-married couples.

Obviously, we can’t guarantee that the following ten bride-grooms will still be hitched by the time you read this, but we have a feeling most are in it for the long haul.

Pop Star: Tim McGraw or Faith Hill

His/Her Hot Spouse: Tim McGraw or Faith Hill

We start things off with a two-fer, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill.  Both are hot pop stars and both are spouses of hot pop stars. The super-hot couple married in 1996.  Together they have three daughters.  Their chemistry also translates to the stage. Tim McGraw and Faith Hill concert tours are always insanely successful and usually the top grossing country tour of the year.  Combined, McGraw and Hill have sold more than 80 million albums.

John Legend's Wife: Chrissy Teigen and John Legend

Pop Star: John Legend

John Legend’s Wife: Chrissy Teigen

John Legend is hot and even hotter when he’s behind the piano singing “Ordinary People,” “Green Light,” or “All of Me.”  He met his future wife, Chrissy Teigen, on the set of a music video.  They dated for four years and then tied the knot in Italy in September of 2013.  Of all the couples on our list, John and Chrissy are the ones you’d most like to invite over for dinner and game night.  They seem super down to Earth for a hot, power couple.

Alicia Keys' Husband: Swizz Beatz & Alicia Keys

Pop Star: Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys’ Husband: Swizz Beatz

Alicia Keys is a stone-cold beauty as well as a talented singer-songwriter who has sold millions of albums and captured multiple Grammy Awards.  Keys married rapper and record producer Swiss Beatz (Kasseem Dean) on the final day of July 2010.  They exchanged vows on the French island of Corsica.  The couple’s first son, Egypt Daoud, was born that October.  In 2016, while just five years old, Egypt received a producing credit on Kendrick Lamar’s compilation, Untitled Unmastered.  It’s good to have hot, powerful parents.

Carrie Underwood's Husband: Mike Fisher & Carrie

Pop Star: Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood’s Husband: Mike Fisher

The hot American Idol married a hot Canadian athlete.  Country music superstar Carrie Underwood and NHL forward Mike Fisher walked down the aisle in July of 2010.  In 2011, Fisher was traded from the Ottawa Senators to the Nashville Predators.  Some believe Underwood made the trade happen so her hubby could skate in Music City.

In response to Fisher’s departure, an Ottawa radio station banned Underwood’s music.  That was a huge mistake.  Underwood’s fans rallied and promised to boycott the radio station.  Even though the station didn’t play Underwood’s music, they apologized and recanted.  Whether Underwood had anything to do with the trade, she made The Hockey News’ annual list of “100 People of Power and Influence in Ice Hockey.”

Pink's Husband: Carey Hart & Pink

Pop Star: Pink

Pink’s Husband: Carey Hart

Pink proposed to her husband, motocross racer Carey Hart, in 2005.  She did so during a race, by writing her proposal on his pit board.  Hart didn’t see it at first, but when he did, he pulled off the track and accepted.  Pink then made her fiancé get back on his bike because she didn’t want to marry a loser.  The couple wedded in 2006.  Pink and Carey have had their fair share of ups-and-downs.  Then again, what do you expect from a pop goddess and a motorcycle daredevil?  Nowadays, things seem to be motoring along just fine.  They just welcomed their second child (December of 2016).

Keith Urban's Wife: Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban

Pop Star: Keith Urban

Keith Urban’s Wife: Nicole Kidman

This isn’t a joke.  In January of 2005, Keith Urban met Nicole Kidman at G’Day LA, an event honoring Australians.  It sounds like something out of Arrested Development, but it’s an actual thing.  The couple started dating six months after they met and married in June of 2006 in Sydney.  With Nicole, Keith has had two children and one stint in rehab.  Urban is bona fide country music superstar.  He has charted 18 number one country songs, notched three Grammy victories, and has sold more than 15 million albums.

Ciara's Husband: Russell Wilson & Ciara

Pop Star: Ciara

Ciara’s Husband: Russell Wilson

What Ciara lacks in pop star chops, she more than makes up for it in the “hot” category.  Besides being a singer, songwriter, and record producer, she’s also a model and spokesperson.  Her pop star credentials aren’t all that bad.  She’s won a Grammy, sold more than 20 million albums, and charted a number one album and single.  She married Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, in July of 2016 in jolly old England.  That October they announced that they were expecting their first child, hopefully a lineman.

Adam Levine's Wife: Behati Prinsloo & Adam

Hot Pop Star: Adam Levine

Adam Levine’s Wife: Behati Prinsloo

Adam Levine married a Victoria’s Secret Angel.  And that’s why young boys pick up guitars and form bands.  So they can grow up and marry a lingerie model.  Maroon 5’s frontman married Behati Prinsloo in the spring of 2012.  Levine is from California and has moves like Jagger.  Prinsloo is from Namibia and moves down a catwalk.  The couple welcomed their first daughter in the fall of 2016.  We don’t know what she looks like but she has definitely won the lottery in the good-looking genes department.

Justin Timberlake's Wife: Jessica Biel & Justin Timberlake

Hot Pop Star: Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake’s Wife: Jessica Biel

Justin Timberlake is one of those rare, ultra-talented pop singers that could have been a star in any era.  He can sing, dance, act, and tell a joke.  He also led one of the most successful boy bands in the history of music, NSYNC.  JT started dating actress Jessica Biel in 2007.  They became engaged in 2011.  They married in Italy in 2012.  They had their first child, a boy, in 2015.  We wonder if Justin ever gave Jessica a d**K in a box for Christmas?  Probably not.

Beyonce's Husband: Jay-Z and Beyonce

Hot Pop Star: Beyonce

Beyonce’s Husband: Jay-Z

Beyoncé’s music is hot.  She’s hot.  Heck, everything she does is hot.  Together, her and Jay-Z are surface-of-the-Sun hot.  Combined, they’ve sold a quarter of a billion units, charted 18 number one albums, and won more than 40 Grammy Awards.

A couple of years ago, Bey and Jay were having serious trouble, like go see a marriage counselor trouble, like don’t buy them an anniversary gift trouble.  Their deteriorating relationship, at its nadir saw them barely speaking, may or may not have stemmed from Hova’s infidelity.  Oh well, their marital strife is our gain.  It’s the inspiration behind Beyonce’s latest masterpiece, Lemonade.

Edmonton Oilers Will Make The Stanley Cup Playoffs

Edmonton Oilers Will Make The Stanley Cup Playoffs

What’s the difference between a good team and a bad team?

A good team has very few questions and a lot of answers. A bad team has a lot of questions and very few answers.

Entering the 2016-2017 season, no NHL team had more questions than the record-setting Edmonton Oilers.

Record-setting? Yes, the Oilers are record setters. Unfortunately, it’s not the type of record fans want their team to set.

Last season, the Oilers tied the mark for longest playoff draught in NHL history. They completed their 10th consecutive seasons without qualifying for the postseason.

They don’t hold that dubious mark all by themselves. They are tied for longest postseason famine with the Florida Panthers of 2001 to 2011.

The last time the Edmonton Oilers were in the playoffs they fell to the Carolina Hurricanes in game seven of the Stanley Cup Finals.

Edmonton Oilers’ 10-Year Playoff Draught

2006–07 82 32 43 7 71 5th, Northwest
2007–08 82 41 35 6 88 4th, Northwest
2008–09 82 38 35 9 85 4th, Northwest
2009–10 82 27 47 8 62 5th, Northwest
2010–11 82 25 45 12 62 5th, Northwest
2011–12 82 32 40 10 74 5th, Northwest
2012–13 48 19 22 7 45 3rd, Northwest
2013–14 82 29 44 9 67 7th, Pacific
2014–15 82 24 44 14 62 6th, Pacific
2015–16 82 31 43 8 70 7th, Pacific

Low Expectations
Before the start of the 2016-2017 campaign, many NHL pundits believed the Oilers were going to make it eleven-in-a-row and hold the record for playoff futility all by themselves.

Yet, with more than half the NHL season in the books, it looks like the Oilers will prove a lot of naysayers wrong.

After 42 games, Edmonton is 21-14-7 for a total of 49 points. That has them third place in the Pacific Division.

At the time of writing this article, the Oilers are heading into a tilt with the Pacific Division leading San Jose Sharks. The winner of the game will be tops in the Pacific (at least until the Anaheim Ducks play later that same evening).

Playoff Team
Conference-wise, the club is in fifth place. In other words, if the playoffs started today they’d the fifth seed.

The Oilers are two points ahead of the current sixth-place franchise and just one point behind places third and fourth. Although, two of those three teams, the third-place Anaheim Ducks and the sixth-place St. Louis Blues, have played two fewer games.

Even better, the Oilers are five points ahead of eighth place.

So, the Oilers are not only looking at qualifying for the postseason but possibly, maybe, if things go well, hosting a series!

Playing For First!
Sure, a lot can happen in the final forty games, but you have to like their chances at maintaining their current pace and reaching the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

At the very least, it’s January and the Oilers are playing for first place. As the puts it:

“Let’s take a moment to stop and savour the rare combination of words: “first place implications” … “Oilers” … “January”.”

McDavid is McAwesome
Remember how we said good teams have few questions and a lot of answers? For the 2016-2017 Oilers, the man providing most of the answers is Connor McDavid.

According to Fansided, “Connor McDavid is their heir apparent to Sidney Crosby.”

At the time of writing this article, McDavid is leading the league in points and assists. He also has 14 goals and a plus/minus of 12.

Jordan Eberle
As good as McDavid has been, he can’t do it alone. Entering the season, many thought he’d get help from Jordan Eberle.

Back in 2011-2012, when Eberle was 21, he amassed a 76-point season. Since then, he’s posted campaigns of 37, 65, 63, and 47. Even if you account for the games he missed, his best points per 82 games was 67.

Eberle entered this year as a 26-year-old forward. In other words, he’s in his hockey prime.

How’s he doing? Through 42 games he has 26 points. Compute that out for an entire season and we’re looking at 50 points.

Even worse, already this season Eberle has had four goalless streaks of six games or longer.

Leon Draisaitl
Fortunately for the Oilers, winger Leon Draisaitl is picking up the slack. The German has 15 goals and 20 assists through 42 games.

Coach Todd McLellan has recently put Draisaitl on the same line as McDavid and Patrick Maroon. Maroon leads the Oilers in goals, 16, and plus/minus, 14.

The sample size is small, but the line of McDavid, Draisaitl, and Maroon could be one of the best offensive lines in the league.

Meanwhile, goalie Cam Talbot is having a solid year with a 2.44 goals against average and a save percentage of .920. He’s sixth in the league in both wins and shutouts.

Now For The Bad News…
While the Oilers may end their playoff drought, fans shouldn’t expect much more.

Beyond the previously mentioned McDavid-Draisaitl-Maroon line, the Oilers offense is average at best and they need help on their blue line.

The team is really riding McDavid’s talent, as they should. If they want to make a deep run, they’re going to need offensive consistency from at least one more line.

Also, 22 out of their last 40 games are against (probable) playoff teams. That includes five out of their last seven.

Oilers Won’t Spoil
Before the calendar changed, the Oilers suffered four losing streaks of three of more games. For all that they’re doing well, the Oilers can still play like a franchise that hasn’t reached the postseason in a tenth of a century.

Obviously, the Oilers continue to have questions they don’t have answers to. Even so, they are headed in the right direction, and more than likely, headed to the postseason.

That’s got to make Oilers fans feel very good especially after experiencing literally the worst decade in NHL history.

Seahawks Fan for Life and The Rules of Jumping on the Bandwagon

Recently, I was out of town on an NFL Sunday.  Before my beloved Seattle Seahawks kicked off, I went to the store for some gameday snacks.

While I was at the store, someone noticed my Seahawks cap and Russell Wilson jersey and then smirked, “What do we have here, a bandwagon fan?  How long have you rooted for Seattle?  Since 2013?”

I laughed.

“Nope,” I shot back.  “Try 1977 and I’ve got a signed letter from Jim Zorn to prove it.”

That is true.  When I was a little kid, I wrote to quarterback Jim Zorn, my favorite player.  He wrote me back.

Yes, it was a form letter, but when you’re seven you don’t know that nor do you care.

The gentlemen sighed and went on his way.  I returned to my hotel room and watched the Hawks throttle the San Francisco 49ers.

The incident got me thinking about the concept of bandwagoning.  You know, when a team starts winning, they suddenly have a bunch of fans.

Cynic sports fans, which is just about every sports fan, assumes that most of the fans rooting for a winner are bandwagoners.

For some reason, people have determined that being a bandwagoner is bad.  Fans want other fans to be loyal.  You’re supposed to pick a team and stay with it.

I wonder though if fans who champion such loyalty are loyal in other avenues of their life or are they just loyal when it comes to sports?

Also, it’s easy to be loyal when you’re a New England Patriots or Denver Broncos fan.  It’s a lot harder to be loyal when you’re a Cleveland Browns or Detroit Lions fan.

Personally, I think being a bandwagon fan is fine… if you’re eight or ten years old.  But when you’re old enough to drive, you’re also old enough to pick a team and stay with them for the rest of your life.

A grown adult jumping on a team’s bandwagon (unless they’ve never been a fan before) is gauche.  If you show up to an NFL watching party decked out in Minnesota Vikings garb, and you’ve never been further north than San Jose, you’re an idiot.

Yet, there is an escape clause.

One of my favorite players was Peyton Manning.  I rooted for him when he was on both the Indianapolis Colts and the Broncos.

Even though I rooted for Manning (but not in the Super Bowl he played against the Seahawks), I never bought any of his teams’ merchandise and I never rooted for his teams to defeat my team.

Also, I call myself a lifelong Seahawks fan, but I’m not a diehard Seahawks fan.  My affinity towards the team can die very quickly.

Currently, they are very easy to support, but if they start losing they will lose my support.  Well, they’ll lose my financial support.

I don’t think this makes me a fair-weather fan or a bandwagoner.  As for lacking loyalty, my first loyalty is to myself.  I don’t want to support a franchise that’s losing all the time.

I wouldn’t buy a product that doesn’t works well.  Why would I wear a jersey for a team that isn’t playing well?

So, where does that leave us?

Unless you’re a kid, you can’t abandon your team for whatever team is currently favored to win the Super Bowl.

Once you’ve pick a team, you have to stay with that team for the rest of your life (unless you burn all of the team’s paraphernalia in a dark arts inspired ceremony).

You can root for any team you want, but you can only wear merchandize that belongs to your lifelong team.

You don’t stop rooting for your team when they’re not doing well, but you should avoid supporting them financially until they turn things around.

When your team is winning, enjoy the run!

Fifth Harmony: Five Reasons They’re The Best Girl Group Of All-Time

Fifth Harmony: Five Reasons They’re The Best Girl Group Of All-Time

Admit it!  You’re going to be there.  You want to be there.  If you’re like us, you’ll have to be there!

Fifth Harmony launches their second major headlining tour this summer in Peru.  Their trek is in support of their sophomore effort, 7/27.

The album is named after the date the group formed—July 27th, 2012.  Exactly four years later, the sensational singers will begin the North American leg of their world tour.  

That’s right, on July 27, 2016 Fifth Harmony commences their “7/27 Tour” in Manchester, New Hampshire!

The talented divas are scheduled to perform 33 shows with the last one set for Sept. 17, 2016 (that night they’ll be in Las Vegas to perform at The Joint).  You’ll also be able to catch them in Boston, Brooklyn, Atlanta, Dallas, and San Diego.

You’ve got to see Ally Brooke, Camila Cabello, Dinah Jane, Lauren Jauregui, and Normani Kordei perform live.  Fifth Harmony is awesome in concert.  Of course, what else do you expect from one of the greatest girl groups of all-time!

Don’t believe us?  You will. 

We’re going to give you five reasons why Fifth Harmony should be number one in your hearts.  After reading our list you’ll definitely be a fan and you’ll definitely want to get your hands on Fifth Harmony tickets.  

After all, who doesn’t want to see one of greatest girl groups of all-time live and in person?  In other words, we’ll see you at the show!

First Reason – Fate Is On Their Side
All Fifth Harmony members auditioned for The X-Factor USA.  Sadly, all five failed to make it to the “judges’ house” stage of the competition.  For example, Dinah didn’t make it because she forgot the lyrics to her song.

Then in steps Simon Cowell and Demi Lovato.  They changed the course of music history forever by uniting the five talents and forming a band.  As a unit, the singers were allowed to enter the show’s “Groups” category.  They eventually finished third overall.

Originally, they were called “LYLAS” which stood for “Love You Like A Sister.”  When they found out there was already another band with that name, they switched to “1432.”  That stands for “I Love You Too.”

The powers-that-be at The X-Factor didn’t care for “1432” so they decided to let fans name the group.  That’s how they became “Fifth Harmony.”

Fifth Harmony may not have formed organically—they didn’t meet at school and start practicing in one of their parents’ garages—but they’re not a fabricated band like some have claimed.

Their formation is special.  They were founded by fate.  Think of how many events had to happen in order to bring these five fabulous singers together? 

Second Reason – They Have Inspiring Lyrics
Fifth Harmony’s lyrics aren’t vapid.  The women sing about a lot more than boys and partying. 

Take for instance these lines from “Miss Movin’ On,” the group’s first single:

I took the record off repeat
It killed me but I survived
And now I’m coming alive

That’s a sentiment we can all relate to.

In their next single, “Bo$$,” they continue to inspire with positive messages of self-confidence and independence.  We especially like the song’s chorus:

Michelle Obama
Purse all heavy
Gettin’ Oprah dollars

Then right out of the first chorus, Normani sings:

That’s me, I’m confident
Don’t want yo compliments

Later, all the members “pledge allegiance” to their “independent girls.”  This makes “Bo$$” more than a song, it’s an anthem.

Even in a love song like "Worth It,” which peaked at #12 on the Billboard 200, Fifth Harmony healthily balances sex and self-respect:

Give it to me, I’m worth it
Baby, I’m worth it
Uh huh I’m worth it

Sure, Fifth Harmony sings about crushes and dancing (see "All In My Head (Flex)," "Sledgehammer," and “Me and My Girls”) but they always do so positively, without losing their confidence, esteem, or pride.  They are truly inspiring.

Third Reason – Fifth Harmony Are Philanthropists
Fifth Harmony has only been around since 2012 but their philanthropy work rivals that of bands that have been around since 2002.

One of the main causes Fifth Harmony gives their time and energy to is anti-bullying.  To that end, they have taken part in campaigns sponsored by The Cybersmile Foundation and the executive producers of the Teen Choice Awards.

Fifth Harmony has also joined forces with The Girl Scouts of America, The Ryan Seacrest Foundation, and Goodwill Industries. 

In 2014, Fifth Harmony became spokespeople for Aéropostale and Do’s “Teens for Jeans.”  The campaign asks for donations of slightly worn denim to give to homeless teenagers. 

To aid the aforementioned causes, Fifth Harmony has recorded PSAs, made public appearances, and performed live.

Their philanthropy work, which has largely focused on youth causes, is quite admirable.  It’s easy to be a fan of their music when you know they’re such good human beings.

Fourth Reason – Fifth Harmony Knows How To Get It Done On Stage
Whether it’s performing on The X-Factor or taking the stage during their own headlining tour, Fifth Harmony knows how to put on one heck of a good show.

Over the years, Fifth Harmony has performed at venues as modest as shopping malls and as prestigious as The White House—the women sang Mariah Carey’s "All I Want for Christmas Is You.”  Regardless of where they’re booked, the quintet takes the stage with professionalism, energy, and great voices.

Additionally, they have brought the house down on Jimmy Kimmel Live, The Ellen Show, The CMT Music Awards, and Britain’s Got Talent.  All four of those performances can be found on YouTube.

It doesn’t matter if the band is headlining or warming up audiences, they always give it their best.  In the past, Fifth Harmony has opened for Cher Lloyd, Demi Lovato, and Austin Mahone. 

Their first major outing, “The Reflection Tour,” launched in February of 2015.  Jasmine V, Jacob Whitesides, and Mahogany Lox were tapped for openers.

“The Reflection Tour” was a huge commercial success.  The band played to 16 sold out venues and it was extended twice.  Critics praised Fifth Harmony for their vocals, showmanship, and production values.

Fifth Reason – Their Music!!!
We saved the best for last.  The biggest reason why Fifth Harmony is one of the greatest girl groups of all-time is their music.  

Fifth Harmony blends R&B, both old and new, with pop.  All the while, they sound like a girl group, relying on tight harmonies, strong solos, and dynamic vocal acrobatics.

You can sing and dance to their music.  To see what we mean, check out the ultra-catchy “Work from Home,” the infectious fun of “Me and My Girls,” the sophisticated “Write On Me,” and the rhythmic groove of “Sledgehammer.”

Many of their songs have interesting and unique musical motifs.  The vibraphone hook that runs through “Work from Home,” the crazy horn riff from “Worth It,” and the vocal sample from “Sledgehammer” are just a few of the band’s most interesting musical accompaniments.

Obviously, their strength is their voices.  Despite all five women starting out as solo artists, they have a tremendous amount of vocal chemistry.  It’s amazing how great they sound together and how they achieved such precision in a short period of time.

Bottom line, there’s not a girl group, past or present, top to bottom, that has more pure vocal talent then Fifth Harmony.