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About NCAA Basketball

Few sports can match the excitement and tradition of college basketball. Fans know that with college basketball tickets they will see high-flying dunks, long range three-pointers, amazing alley oops, and hard-nose defense.

Every year, teams from all over the nation compete to get their ticket punched to the NCAA Tournament.

Once they’re in the three-week long tournament, their goal is to cut down the nets and reach the Final Four. Then, it’s all about winning the National Championship. The time of year when this all happens is so exhilarating that it has its own name, “March Madness.”

One of the great things about being a college basketball fan, and having college basketball tickets, is the idea that any team can reach the NCAA Tournament and every program, even perennial powerhouses like North Carolina, UConn, or Kansas, can be the victim of an upset.

Just because you’re UCLA, Duke, or Texas doesn’t mean you’ll automatically advance to the next round.

If you don’t take care of the rock and play some “D,” Cinderella will knock you out of the tourney. The uncertainty of knowing that an upset can happen at any time makes the annual ritual of filling out one’s “bracket” so much fun.

There are nearly 350 teams in college basketball’s top tier of competition, Division I. These teams are split into more than 30 conferences with almost all receiving an automatic bid to the NCAA Tournament.

here are a few schools, called independents, that are not aligned in a conference.

Historically, the nation’s top college basketball conferences are the ACC, Big 12, Big East, Big Ten, PAC 12, and SEC. There are two other divisions in college basketball, Division II and Division III. Division II contains small colleges while Division III contains schools that don’t offer basketball scholarships.

As you can see college basketball is one of the most exciting sports in the United States. That’s why you need to get your college basketball tickets right now.

Whether you’re going to Pauley Pavilion, Cameron Indoor Stadium, The Carrier Dome, or Assembly Hall,+ you’ll want the best seats in the house, which you can find here.