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The NBA features some of the best athletes in the world. They play a fast-paced, dynamic style of basketball that demands size, skill, and agility. Of course, the best way to experience all their alley oops, turn-around jumpers, and long range three-pointers is at the arena.

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The NBA's History

The National Basketball Association formed in 1949 when the Basketball Association of America merged with the National Basketball League. The NBA originally had 17 franchises but contraction decreased that number to eight by the start of the 1953-54 season. That's the fewest number of teams ever in the NBA.

Those eight franchises were, or eventually became, the Anaheim Kings, Atlanta Hawks, Boston Celtics, Detroit Pistons, Golden State Warriors, Los Angeles Lakers, New York Knicks, and Philadelphia 76ers.

The 1950's saw the Lakers win five NBA Championships as well as the advent of the 24-second shot clock. The Celtics dominated the 1960's winning nine of that decade's 10 NBA championships. The decades of the 1950's and 1960's established the Lakers and Celtics as the NBA's preeminent franchises. Over the years, those two teams have sold a lot of NBA Finals tickets.

The NBA added several teams in the 1970's including the Cleveland Cavaliers, Los Angeles Clippers, Portland Trailblazers, and Utah Jazz. Franchises weren't the only thing the NBA added in the 1970's. The three-point line was installed before the start of the 1979-1980 season and it forever changed the way the game is played.

In 1976, the NBA absorbed four teams from the American Basketball Association: Denver Nuggets, Indiana Pacers, New Jersey Nets, and San Antonio Spurs.

The American Basketball Association had tried to compete with the NBA but they struggled financially, mainly because they lacked a television deal. As the 1970's ended the NBA also found itself struggling. The league was suffering from low TV ratings, poor ticket NBA sales, and rampant drug use by its players.

The league was rejuvenated in the 1980's thanks to Larry Bird of the Boston Celtics and Magic Johnson of the Los Angeles Lakers. Respectively, those two players helped sell a lot of Celtics tickets and a bunch of Lakers tickets. Bird and Johnson also renewed the rivalry between the NBA's two most popular and most successful franchises.

In the 1980's, Bird led the Celtics to three NBA titles while the Lakers schedule saw Johnson and his team win five rings. The decade of the eighties also saw the addition of another franchise, the Dallas Mavericks.

Michael Jordan and the Bulls

In the 1990's Michael Jordan led the Chicago Bulls to six NBA titles in eight years. Jordan would revolutionize the NBA, the game of basketball, sports, sports celebrity, and sports marketing. The two of the eight years his Bulls didn't win the title, tickets to the NBA Finals were sold and won by the Houston Rockets. Although Jordan's name is synonymous with the Bulls, he finished his legendary and hall of fame career with the Washington Wizards.

Jordan entered the league in 1984 and popularized the game so much that cities all over the country petitioned the NBA for a team. Franchises added after Jordan joined the league include the Miami Heat (1988), New Orleans Hornets (1988), Orlando Magic (1989), and Minnesota Timberwolves (1989).

The Hornets actually joined the league representing the city of Charlotte, North Carolina but left after the 2001-2002 season. The NBA has since given that city another team, the Charlotte Bobcats.

In the 1995, the NBA expanded into Canada with two new clubs, the Toronto Raptors and the Vancouver Grizzlies. In 2001, the Vancouver franchise relocated to Tennessee and became the Memphis Grizzlies. Relocation is a common occurrence among NBA teams.

For example, the Oklahoma City Thunder used to be located in Seattle, Washington. There are a few teams that have never moved such as the Milwaukee Bucks and the Phoenix Suns.

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