Who’s The Next Spotify?

Spotify is a bona fide success. The music streaming service, which offers free accounts and paid subscriptions, hit the 10 million-user plateau just two years after its launch. Around three million of those customers are paying.

Spotify began in Europe, as most providers of online music do (Europe has laxer regulations when it comes to the music industry). After establishing itself in Europe, the company raised $189 million to cross the Atlantic and set up shop in America. The company’s arrival in the United States was greeted with more than 50,000 referring domains. Suffice it to say, there was considerable buzz around Spotify.

Now, we must ask what music related start-up will be the next Spotify? To answer that question we need to look at five European companies poised to be the internet’s next big thing.

Founded in 2009, Weezevent is a cloud ticketing service which simplifies the process of selling tickets on the internet for event organizers. This French company is probably the leading candidate to duplicate Spotify’s success as it has received tremendous funding, generated considerable online buzz, and fills a gap in the market.

This Belgium startup helps fans financially invest in music artists. Depending on how much you cough up, your contribution could lead to a t-shirt or a home concert. Here’s why SonicAngel will work: it has already produced three number one hits.

Menyou creates widgets that can be used as content on blogs and Web sites. These widgets allow users to distribute digital content. If someone buys something from your site you get a cut of the action. Menyou is based in Sweden and was founded in 2009.

The Germany start-up Ondango is for musicians who want to sell their music and merchandize on Facebook. The company claims their interface is easy to use for both fans and artists. Founded in 2010, Ondango is expensive. It charges a monthly fee and a five percent commission per transaction.

Getonic was founded in 2009 and is based in Israel. Their product is a Facebook widget that lets artists sell their music. The gimmick here is you pay with your telephone number. Purchases appear on your phone bill. Products top out at just $1.50 but the phone company takes more than half for itself.

With the music industry dramatically different than it was even a few years ago, new online music-related businesses have opportunity to become huge successes, like the company Spotify for example. Which up-and-coming online music startups can investors consider investing in this year? What ones do you need to know about? This infographic from http:www.clickitticket.com looks at Spotify, Weezevent, Sonic Angel, Menyou and Ondango.

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