With the music industry dramatically different than it was even a few years ago, new online music-related businesses have opportunity to become huge successes, like the company Spotify for example. Which up-and-coming online music startups can investors consider investing in this year? What ones do you need to know about? This infographic from http:www.clickitticket.com looks at Spotify, Weezevent, Sonic Angel, Menyou and Ondango.

There are a slew of bands currently touring that you can check out if they are planning on stopping in a city near you on their tour. Now's the time to see U2 live in concert or Roger Waters live and the Imagine Dragons. Also is the time to catch Paul McCartney live in concert or if you're a bit more mellow, Neil Diamond on tour and younger English rocker Ed Sheeran too.

You may also consider relatively new people on the music scene as well as Katy Perry and Jay-Z and so is Coldplay.




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