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Billy Elliot Tickets

About Your Billy Elliot Tickets

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About Billy Elliot

Billy Elliot is the perfect feel-good musical for those that enjoy seeing people with a passion for what they do triumph over the entities that stand in their way. The musical tells the story of a working class British lad (William/Bill/Billy) who has a passion for ballet. However, he faces almost insurmountable obstacles as those around him tease and harangue him for his chosen passion.

The musical details these struggles with such real emotion and rawness that audiences often feel like there are right there with Billy, fighting and struggling to free themselves to pursue that which they really love and desire.

The best part about this musical is Billy’s ability to triumph in the end, overcoming all of the odds and everything that stood in his way to realize his passion. The dancing in Billy Elliot is beautiful and the mix of ballet and more up-tempo dancing styles and musical numbers makes audience goers hesitate to miss even one minute of this production. Moreover, each actor that has taken on the role of Billy has been a beautiful, graceful ballet dancer, bringing such talent to the dancing scenes that it takes your breath away.

Billy Elliot stands out because of its storyline, but also because of the actors that work to make it such an amazing production. In fact, it took home ten Tony Awards, including one for Best Musical. Elton John was responsible for the music, which accounts for the great range of musical styles in the show and is just one more reason people are so in love with the production as a whole.

The set design is amazing, the acting inspired, but most of all, Billy Elliott has the type of storyline that appeals to a wide, diverse audience that can appreciate the ability to overcome any odds stacked in the way of achieving what you really want in life.

Billy Elliot Shows by Venue

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