Lady Gaga Is Getting Old

Lady Gaga Is Getting Old (relatively speaking)

With Lady Gaga’s performance during the halftime of Super Bowl LI, and the subsequent announcement of her “Joanne World Tour,” Mother Monster has been on my mind a lot lately.

While brushing up on all things Gaga, I was reminded that her debut album, The Fame, dropped in Aug. 19, 2008.

It’s eight years old!

That realization blew my mind.  Lady Gaga’s first album is nearing its tenth anniversary.

Maybe it’s me, but it doesn’t seem like Lady Gaga, or anything she’s produced, can be anywhere near a decade old.  She seems timeless.

Now, I usually don’t fall for this kind of stuff.  You know, those lists that have observations like: “High schoolers today have never used a compact disc.”

Big deal.  Things age.  Who cares?

Yet, I still can’t get over the fact that The Fame is eight years old!

Below, are several examples of exactly how much time has passed since Lady Gaga first studio album hit store shelves.  Whether you’re as blown away by the age of The Fame as am I, you’ll definitely agree that a lot has changed since it was released.

  • Taylor Swift was 18.
  • Chance the Rapper was 15.
  • Tony Bennett was just 82.
  • Justin Bieber had yet to release anything. His first single, “One Time,” didn’t drop until May 18, 2009.
  • One Direction had yet to form. They first started performing together in 2010 on the television show The X Factor.
  • Ariana Grande had just turned 15, and her big break, the musical 13, was a month away from beginning previews.
  • Adele was two months out from performing on Saturday Night Live. Her episode, thanks to an appearance by Sarah Palin, was seen by 17 million people.  It basically started her career in America.
  • Drake had yet to release an album. His first, Thank Me Later, won’t hit store shelves until June 15, 2010.
  • Kanye West had interrupted exactly zero award show acceptance speeches.
  • The entire run of Glee occurred since the release of The Fame. Glee debuted on Fox television on May 19, 2009 and finished March 20, 2015.
  • Adam Lambert, Phillip Phillips, Candice Glover, Nick Fradiani, and La’Porsha Renae had yet to appear on American Idol.
  • U2 had yet to launch their “360° Tour,” the highest grossing concert tour of all-time.
  • Broadway had yet to see Billy Elliott the Musical, Rock of Ages, American Idiot, Book of Mormon, Kinky Boots, or Hamilton.
  • Since the release of The Fame, we’ve lost Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Amy Winehouse, Lou Reed, B.B. King, Prince, David Bowie, and George Michael.
  • When The Fame was released, the New England Patriots had only reached six Super Bowls and had won three.
  • See Lady Gaga in 2017 live in concert in cities such as Austin, Montreal, or Las Vegas.

But as the picture at the top of this article proves, Gaga has a long ways to go before she actually is ‘old’.

The Hottest Pop Stars with the Hottest Wives & Husbands

Tim & Faith

John & Chrissy

Alicia & Swizz

Carrie & Mike

Pink & Carey

Nicole & Keith

Ciara & Russell

Adam & Behati

Jessica & Justin

Jay-Z & Beyonce


We all grew up with posters of pop stars on our walls, and dreamt of what it would be like to be with them, possibly even married to them.

What is it like to be hot and to be married to a hot pop star?  We have no idea.  In fact, few people know what’s that like.

But ever wonder what Pink’s hubby looks like? Or how about Carrie Underwood’s or Alicia Keys’ husband? Ever see a picture of John Legend’s wife or a pic of Adam Levine’s beautiful wife? Then read on…

Interestingly, all ten spouses we’ve listed here are famous.  Three are in the music business, three are professional athletes, two are models, and two are actresses.  Although we didn’t list where each couple said their “I dos”, a large number did so in Europe.

To be included on this list you must be a pop star, you must be hot, and you must be married to a hottie.  No divorced or about-to-be-married couples.

Obviously, we can’t guarantee that the following ten bride-grooms will still be hitched by the time you read this, but we have a feeling most are in it for the long haul.

Pop Star: Tim McGraw or Faith Hill

His/Her Hot Spouse: Tim McGraw or Faith Hill

We start things off with a two-fer, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill.  Both are hot pop stars and both are spouses of hot pop stars. The super-hot couple married in 1996.  Together they have three daughters.  Their chemistry also translates to the stage. Tim McGraw and Faith Hill concert tours are always insanely successful and usually the top grossing country tour of the year.  Combined, McGraw and Hill have sold more than 80 million albums.

John Legend's Wife: Chrissy Teigen and John Legend

Pop Star: John Legend

John Legend’s Wife: Chrissy Teigen

John Legend is hot and even hotter when he’s behind the piano singing “Ordinary People,” “Green Light,” or “All of Me.”  He met his future wife, Chrissy Teigen, on the set of a music video.  They dated for four years and then tied the knot in Italy in September of 2013.  Of all the couples on our list, John and Chrissy are the ones you’d most like to invite over for dinner and game night.  They seem super down to Earth for a hot, power couple.

Alicia Keys' Husband: Swizz Beatz & Alicia Keys

Pop Star: Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys’ Husband: Swizz Beatz

Alicia Keys is a stone-cold beauty as well as a talented singer-songwriter who has sold millions of albums and captured multiple Grammy Awards.  Keys married rapper and record producer Swiss Beatz (Kasseem Dean) on the final day of July 2010.  They exchanged vows on the French island of Corsica.  The couple’s first son, Egypt Daoud, was born that October.  In 2016, while just five years old, Egypt received a producing credit on Kendrick Lamar’s compilation, Untitled Unmastered.  It’s good to have hot, powerful parents.

Carrie Underwood's Husband: Mike Fisher & Carrie

Pop Star: Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood’s Husband: Mike Fisher

The hot American Idol married a hot Canadian athlete.  Country music superstar Carrie Underwood and NHL forward Mike Fisher walked down the aisle in July of 2010.  In 2011, Fisher was traded from the Ottawa Senators to the Nashville Predators.  Some believe Underwood made the trade happen so her hubby could skate in Music City.

In response to Fisher’s departure, an Ottawa radio station banned Underwood’s music.  That was a huge mistake.  Underwood’s fans rallied and promised to boycott the radio station.  Even though the station didn’t play Underwood’s music, they apologized and recanted.  Whether Underwood had anything to do with the trade, she made The Hockey News’ annual list of “100 People of Power and Influence in Ice Hockey.”

Pink's Husband: Carey Hart & Pink

Pop Star: Pink

Pink’s Husband: Carey Hart

Pink proposed to her husband, motocross racer Carey Hart, in 2005.  She did so during a race, by writing her proposal on his pit board.  Hart didn’t see it at first, but when he did, he pulled off the track and accepted.  Pink then made her fiancé get back on his bike because she didn’t want to marry a loser.  The couple wedded in 2006.  Pink and Carey have had their fair share of ups-and-downs.  Then again, what do you expect from a pop goddess and a motorcycle daredevil?  Nowadays, things seem to be motoring along just fine.  They just welcomed their second child (December of 2016).

Keith Urban's Wife: Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban

Pop Star: Keith Urban

Keith Urban’s Wife: Nicole Kidman

This isn’t a joke.  In January of 2005, Keith Urban met Nicole Kidman at G’Day LA, an event honoring Australians.  It sounds like something out of Arrested Development, but it’s an actual thing.  The couple started dating six months after they met and married in June of 2006 in Sydney.  With Nicole, Keith has had two children and one stint in rehab.  Urban is bona fide country music superstar.  He has charted 18 number one country songs, notched three Grammy victories, and has sold more than 15 million albums.

Ciara's Husband: Russell Wilson & Ciara

Pop Star: Ciara

Ciara’s Husband: Russell Wilson

What Ciara lacks in pop star chops, she more than makes up for it in the “hot” category.  Besides being a singer, songwriter, and record producer, she’s also a model and spokesperson.  Her pop star credentials aren’t all that bad.  She’s won a Grammy, sold more than 20 million albums, and charted a number one album and single.  She married Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, in July of 2016 in jolly old England.  That October they announced that they were expecting their first child, hopefully a lineman.

Adam Levine's Wife: Behati Prinsloo & Adam

Hot Pop Star: Adam Levine

Adam Levine’s Wife: Behati Prinsloo

Adam Levine married a Victoria’s Secret Angel.  And that’s why young boys pick up guitars and form bands.  So they can grow up and marry a lingerie model.  Maroon 5’s frontman married Behati Prinsloo in the spring of 2012.  Levine is from California and has moves like Jagger.  Prinsloo is from Namibia and moves down a catwalk.  The couple welcomed their first daughter in the fall of 2016.  We don’t know what she looks like but she has definitely won the lottery in the good-looking genes department.

Justin Timberlake's Wife: Jessica Biel & Justin Timberlake

Hot Pop Star: Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake’s Wife: Jessica Biel

Justin Timberlake is one of those rare, ultra-talented pop singers that could have been a star in any era.  He can sing, dance, act, and tell a joke.  He also led one of the most successful boy bands in the history of music, NSYNC.  JT started dating actress Jessica Biel in 2007.  They became engaged in 2011.  They married in Italy in 2012.  They had their first child, a boy, in 2015.  We wonder if Justin ever gave Jessica a d**K in a box for Christmas?  Probably not.

Beyonce's Husband: Jay-Z and Beyonce

Hot Pop Star: Beyonce

Beyonce’s Husband: Jay-Z

Beyoncé’s music is hot.  She’s hot.  Heck, everything she does is hot.  Together, her and Jay-Z are surface-of-the-Sun hot.  Combined, they’ve sold a quarter of a billion units, charted 18 number one albums, and won more than 40 Grammy Awards.

A couple of years ago, Bey and Jay were having serious trouble, like go see a marriage counselor trouble, like don’t buy them an anniversary gift trouble.  Their deteriorating relationship, at its nadir saw them barely speaking, may or may not have stemmed from Hova’s infidelity.  Oh well, their marital strife is our gain.  It’s the inspiration behind Beyonce’s latest masterpiece, Lemonade.

Seahawks Fan for Life and The Rules of Jumping on the Bandwagon

Recently, I was out of town on an NFL Sunday.  Before my beloved Seattle Seahawks kicked off, I went to the store for some gameday snacks.

While I was at the store, someone noticed my Seahawks cap and Russell Wilson jersey and then smirked, “What do we have here, a bandwagon fan?  How long have you rooted for Seattle?  Since 2013?”

I laughed.

“Nope,” I shot back.  “Try 1977 and I’ve got a signed letter from Jim Zorn to prove it.”

That is true.  When I was a little kid, I wrote to quarterback Jim Zorn, my favorite player.  He wrote me back.

Yes, it was a form letter, but when you’re seven you don’t know that nor do you care.

The gentlemen sighed and went on his way.  I returned to my hotel room and watched the Hawks throttle the San Francisco 49ers.

The incident got me thinking about the concept of bandwagoning.  You know, when a team starts winning, they suddenly have a bunch of fans.

Cynic sports fans, which is just about every sports fan, assumes that most of the fans rooting for a winner are bandwagoners.

For some reason, people have determined that being a bandwagoner is bad.  Fans want other fans to be loyal.  You’re supposed to pick a team and stay with it.

I wonder though if fans who champion such loyalty are loyal in other avenues of their life or are they just loyal when it comes to sports?

Also, it’s easy to be loyal when you’re a New England Patriots or Denver Broncos fan.  It’s a lot harder to be loyal when you’re a Cleveland Browns or Detroit Lions fan.

Personally, I think being a bandwagon fan is fine… if you’re eight or ten years old.  But when you’re old enough to drive, you’re also old enough to pick a team and stay with them for the rest of your life.

A grown adult jumping on a team’s bandwagon (unless they’ve never been a fan before) is gauche.  If you show up to an NFL watching party decked out in Minnesota Vikings garb, and you’ve never been further north than San Jose, you’re an idiot.

Yet, there is an escape clause.

One of my favorite players was Peyton Manning.  I rooted for him when he was on both the Indianapolis Colts and the Broncos.

Even though I rooted for Manning (but not in the Super Bowl he played against the Seahawks), I never bought any of his teams’ merchandise and I never rooted for his teams to defeat my team.

Also, I call myself a lifelong Seahawks fan, but I’m not a diehard Seahawks fan.  My affinity towards the team can die very quickly.

Currently, they are very easy to support, but if they start losing they will lose my support.  Well, they’ll lose my financial support.

I don’t think this makes me a fair-weather fan or a bandwagoner.  As for lacking loyalty, my first loyalty is to myself.  I don’t want to support a franchise that’s losing all the time.

I wouldn’t buy a product that doesn’t works well.  Why would I wear a jersey for a team that isn’t playing well?

So, where does that leave us?

Unless you’re a kid, you can’t abandon your team for whatever team is currently favored to win the Super Bowl.

Once you’ve pick a team, you have to stay with that team for the rest of your life (unless you burn all of the team’s paraphernalia in a dark arts inspired ceremony).

You can root for any team you want, but you can only wear merchandize that belongs to your lifelong team.

You don’t stop rooting for your team when they’re not doing well, but you should avoid supporting them financially until they turn things around.

When your team is winning, enjoy the run!

Why Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan And Fellow Bro-Country Artists Still Reign

It looks like bro-country will dominate 2015 just like it did in 2014.

At the time of writing this article, six of the top ten country singles are by so-called bro-country artists.

Three others are by men. The lone female artist is Carrie Underwood.

Interestingly, her single Something in the Water, is the top song.

Billboard’s top country albums chart is also ruled by bro-country boys and once again Underwood is the only artist from the fairer sex.

Bro-country artists that landed inside the top ten are Jason Aldean, Florida Georgia Line, Luke Bryan, Blake Shelton, Eric Church, and Brantley Gilbert.


In 2014, Bro-country artist Eric Church’s Outsiders sold more than 700,000 copies making it the bestselling country album of the year and fourth overall.

His bro-country brethren Luke Bryan came in at number seven while Brantley Gilbert captured the eighth spot.

With Taylor Swift going completely pop, country music now has fewer women than a Magic: The Gathering tournament.

Basically, country music is a testosterone-filled, Y chromosome-having, foul-smelling tree fort with a huge sign on the door that reads

No Girls Allowed.

What Is Bro-Country? Bro-country is a subgenre of country music that uses elements of rock and hip hop music.

A lot of bro-country songs are about trucks, drinking, and hot women in bikini tops.

Prime Examples of Bro-Country

Cruise by Florida Georgie Line “That’s My Kind of Night” by Luke Bryan “Boys ‘Round Here” by Blake Shelton

Talladega by Eric Church “Dirt Road Anthem” by Jason Aldean

Not every bro-country artist sings about beer, pickup trucks, and the honeys all the time, but those three topics do frequently serve as inspiration.

There’s a group of artists that are bro-country adjacent—Kenny Chesney and Brad Paisley being two such examples.

Also, you can be a dude, sing country music, and not be a bro-country artist (i.e. Garth Brooks), but all bro-country artists are men.


Many take umbrage with bro-country’s portrayal of women.

They are usually described as being scantily clad and swilling beer while sitting on a tailgate.

Bro-country artists never call a paramour a ho or a bitch but they seldom ever comment on their SAT scores or personalities.

At least one woman, country music star Kacey Musgraves, is more offended by bro-country’s penchant for pickup trucks then about their proclivity for women in bikini tops.

She famously told British GQ: Anyone singing about trucks, in any form, in any song, anywhere.

Literally just stop, nobody cares. I don’t know one girl who doesn’t want to be a girl in a country song, – Brian Kelly of Florida Georgia Line

Where Have All The Women Gone?

There are two issues at play here. One is serious and the other is more on the trivial side. On the trivial side is bro-country’s popularity. Country music fans will eventually move on to something else.

In an article by Calvin Gilbert recently published on, he brings up the concept of the pendulum.

He writes that the pendulum has always swung within the country music genre from its conservative core to whatever fad (usually one that’s too pop or too rock) is popular at the time.

The more serious issue is the lack of female artists within the country music industry. Why aren’t their more women making it big in Nashville?

As I enumerated above, the genre seems to be abnormally dominated by cowboys.


One reason given for the disparity is glamour. Men can just put on a t-shirt and go to a gig whereas women are expected to look glamorous.

In trying to explain the glam phenomenon, Luke Bryan said: Some girls on radio tours, it will take them two hours to get all dolled up to do three songs for a radio guy.

They do two hours worth of glam. I mean, It’s tough, you know?

That seems a little simple, and it certainly hasn’t stopped Lady Gaga or Katy Perry, but all male singers have to do to look presentable is throw on a t-shirt and an old pair of jeans.

Money, Money, Money

Clearly, bro-country sells.

Since it’s so popular the country music industry is going to continue to nurture bro-country artists. If music by one-armed, red-headed dwarves was selling like hotcakes then Nashville would be singing every one-armed, red-headed dwarf they could find to a record contract.

Remember what Blake Shelton said in early 2013: Nobody wants to listen to their grandpa’s music.

And I don’t care how many of these old farts around Nashville going, ‘My God, that ain’t country!’ Well that’s because you don’t buy records anymore, jackass.

The kids do, and they don’t want to buy the music you were buying.

Shelton angered a lot of country music fans with his comments but he’s right. It’s all about what sells, and right now, what sells is bro-country.

Fans want to hear music from a male perspective. TestosteroneI think another reason why bro-country is so popular is because it’s one of the last bastions of traditional masculinity. We live in a very feminine world.

Men get manicures, have bro-mances, and drive hybrid cars. Bro-country music, as well as a Jason Aldean concert for example, allows both sexes a chance to relish men who drink beer (not appletinis), drive pickup trucks (not electric cars) and work with their hands (not on a computer).

Not that there’s anything wrong with being sensitive. I, for one, love getting a manicure—but sometimes it’s nice to be reminded that men used to be a bit more rugged.

My grandfather built his own home. My father remodeled his. I don’t even own a saw.


Not even the most ardent bro-country artist wants fewer opportunities for women than men in the music industry.

No one on either side of the bro-country equation is fighting against equality, but there’s obviously a disparity.

With that being said, the Frozen soundtrack, Beyonce’s self-titled album, and Lorde’s Pure Heroine were the top selling albums of 2014.

Carrie Underwood is more popular than any bro-country artist. And women buy more music then men.

Also, I hate to break it to the naysayers but Church can’t have the bestselling country album of the year without women buying a lot of copies.

Women make up a huge portion of the bro-country audience. If you don’t believe me just check out a Luke Bryan concert or a Blake Shelton tour stop.

Country Now & Then

If you look at what bro-country artists are singing about it’s really no different than what other country artists sang about in previous decades.

They might be a little more explicit than they were in earlier eras, but drinking, trucks, and hot women have been fodder for country musicians for generations.

Past Bro-Country-esque Songs

1951 – Hank Williams releases

Hey, Good Lookin’

1959 – George Jones releases

White Lightning 1969 – Tom T. Hall releases

A Week in a Country Jail 1975 – C.W. McCall releases

Convoy 1984 Hank Williams, Jr. releases “All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over Tonight” 1987 – George Strait releases

All My Ex’s Live in Texas. 1992 – Brooks & Dunn release “Boot Scootin’ Boogie” 2001 – Garth Brooks and George Jones release “Beer Run (B Double E Double Are You In?)”

Complaining about bro-country is a little like saying there’s too much football in the Super Bowl and they need to add some basketball.

Bro-country artists are catching flack because our world is more sensitive and feminine then it was when Jerry Reed sang East Bound & Down

Bro-country is country music. And country music needs more women. But bro-country isn’t a sign of a dude-apocalypse, and even though the charts are lacking in estrogen, women aren’t exactly invisible when it comes to the music industry.

Ultimately, we should heed the words of Eric Church:

I think genres are dead.

There’s good music.